Low Paying Job?

We are a Cadigan, a new company looking to create job opportunities for ambitious people. We are doing some market research and are looking for people who are currently working in Low Paying Jobs. We would like to speak to you for 30 minutes on the phone to find what you want out of your next job.


All interviews are completely anonymous and we will pay you £20 for your time.


We are building an app that helps people who are in jobs that pay close to living wage. The goal is to help people into positions with progression, meaning into positions where they are trained, acquire skills, and will eventually make more money.

We are interested in learning what is holding people back and what obstacles we have to remove, in order for people to be able to leave their current job and, with our help and guidance, take on a the challenge of learning a new skill. The service is aimed at adults, so people who are already in work, but somehow ended up in a position where they see little chance of progression.

We do not need to know any personal details such as names, addresses, or dates of birth, and the interviews are guaranteed to stay anonymous.

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